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The Entre system is a basic pneumatic compression device (lymphedema pump) used to assist in the successful home management of chronic swelling and venous ulcers associated with lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency.

Key features

Bilateral Therapy
Treat up to two affected limbs and decrease overall treatment time.
Easy Grip Features
Zipper pull strings and garment loops provide additional assistance when applying and removing garments.
Twice the Number of Chambers
Each garment contains eight chambers – compared to many other basic pumps with the traditional four chambers – to offer a more targeted treatment to the affected limb.
Simple Interface
Enables proper use of the device with ease.
Individualized Treatment
Multiple pressure modes and numerous garment options ensure a good fit and targeted, individualized treatment.
Soft, Comfortable Garment Fabric
Designed to provide comfort during therapy and improve patient compliance and satisfaction.

Get an overview of the Entre system:

how it works

The Entre system mimics the calf muscle pump to reduce venous hypertension.

The Entre system is a segmented, gradient pump which mobilizes fluid in a distal to proximal direction – from the fingers or toes (chamber 1) toward areas closer to the center of the body (chamber 8). Each garment has eight chambers that sequentially inflate and hold chamber pressure until all eight are fully inflated. Pressure is released simultaneously in all of the chambers before another cycle of inflation begins.

instructional videos

Watch these simple guided video tutorials for instructions and tips on how to most effectively use the Entre system.
Operating the Entre System
Entre Troubleshooting

USER GUIDE & other resources

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The Entre system works!

I had been dealing with lymphedema for about one year and was prescribed the Entre system to help manage my swelling. I noticed immediate relief after using the system for the very first time, and have since made a point to use it every day—even when I travel.

Being young and otherwise healthy, I am extra cautious about being proactive about my condition, in hopes of avoiding problems in the future.

I have seen the critical role the Entre system plays in the management of my chronic condition, and I’m happy to have found something that meets my daily needs.”

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